Legislation of Online Casinos

Over the past years, no uniform universal laws have been developed or rather put together by any legislative bodies to regulate the gambling activities. The main reason behind this is because different states have looked at gambling in much diversified ways. This makes it difficult to generate a harmonized act of laws to govern the […]


Online Blackjack just like you like it

When you are looking for a fun on the internet there are at least two things that can get across from us and our amusement: a thousand mistaken roads that can take on the internet and the fact that the time available to us is almost always slightly. Who is that player who can afford […]


How to Know When to Tip a Casino Employee

Going to a casino can be a lot of fun. Casinos go above and beyond to please their customers and make their experience an enjoyable one. All the employees work together as a team to make the experience a great one for their customers. People do not realize how many employees are actually allowed to […]


Blackjack online in social networks

Blackjack has been come one of the most popular online card games on the internet. Today, there are many sites offering players the ability to play Blackjack. One such site is Facebook. Along with many other popular casino games, Facebook has added Blackjack. Games on Facebook are played for free. Many casinos have stopped offering […]


Players Fight to Keep Pennsylvania Blackjack Rules from Changing

Compared to Las Vegas casinos and Atlantic City, a player can make his or her money last longer while playing blackjack in Pennsylvania casinos. In the face of possible rule changes for Keystone casinos, as many as seventy players from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, and even Canada have written to the Pennsylvania […]


Wire Act Interpretation Shifts

Danny Tyree, a columnist from Ketchikan, Alaska speculated that a change to how the United States justice department interprets the Wire Act of 1961 could allow states to endorse online gambling. The Justice Department has used the Wire Act of 1961 to confiscate winnings of online gamblers earned abroad. States have not entirely welcomed the […]